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    Online Marketing

    Search Engine Optimization


    In SEO first we search your online presence till now. We optimize your website or product by adding meaning full and proper content; we understand the Google latest tools and algorithms. Work to increase you Google page rank. Set keywords as per your requirements. We are sure that your presence will be rank on Google within days.

    Search Engine Marketing


    Our Search Engine Marketing (SEM) services come directly from our solid background and understanding of marketing! Providing tailored SEM campaigns to suit various target markets and business objectives, we know what drives prospective customers from a results page to your landing page. By constantly monitoring comprehensive data and analytics on your website's activity, we'll ensure you come up on top of your industry competitors. We'll create back links that deliver, conduct keyword research and improve your onsite content.

    Social Media Promotions


    Don't stress yourself out trying to choose what social media platforms. Our expert team will advise you of what platforms you should be on and the reasons why. It's not a one platform suits all situation. We have a track record of generating amazing results in all things social. It’s no longer a secret that social media and content marketing work. We’ve never seen a company that couldn’t benefit from these platforms. we use the latest and greatest tools and techniques to make sure your business grows, while you can focus on running your business.

    Local Business Listing


    Your website deserves to be found by those searching whether you're a local plumber or international retailer. Your website should look amazing and convert lookers into buyers. Every month there are over 10 billion unique searches performed in the India, and over 40% of those queries are local searches. Pointer SEO specializes in getting qualified, local traffic to your website. We will customize a local search marketing solution to fit your needs!

    Email / SMS Marketing


    Our email marketing services, expertise and industry knowledge are best in the industry and we are uniquely positioned to offer you our insights into building best practice email marketing programs for your business. Email marketing is all about reaching out directly to customers to promote your business. This is often done by customers signing up to subscribe to email newsletters. Our powerful bulk sms messaging solutions are suitable for businesses from all industries and any size. Whether it is a SME, corporate company, government department, educational institutions or non-profit organization our range of solutions were developed with the needs of businesses in mind.

    Product Promotions


    Whether you are starting your own business, promoting your product online, or just cleaning out your traffic, Pointer is definitely something you should consider. Improve your product visibility with the right promotional planning & execution.